Photos I Wish I Had Taken

Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Phil Borges

Photo: Phil Borges

Photo: Phil Borges

As I am want to do on a Sunday morning, I was surfing the web looking for images that spoke to me in some way. Photos that made me stop and look and then look some more. I’m always in pursuit of something that will inspire me to see the world differently. Pictures that will open my mind to new compositions and techniques. So while I wish I had taken both of these photos, the specific images are not my focus today. It’s their “look” that have me besotted.

I’m envious of photographers that have developed a unique style that is instantly recognizable. I often feel as if I am all over the place with my photography. I’m want to find my own signature but so far its been elusive. (P.S. I hope I am successful sooner than later because the quest is a big pain in the butt.)


Photo: Phil Borges

Photo: Phil Borges

Today I found Phil Borges, a photographer whose photos have a look that sets his work apart from the rest. Besides capturing portraits that leap off the screen, his processing is distinctive. He edits his photos with an unusual gray and flesh tone palette. The final result is compelling, powerful, soft and all his own.

What do you think of these pictures?


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  1. Even with her lips sealed tightly…the little girl’s photograph is so evocative! With that ball in her hand…it is most definitely the tone difference in the palette that makes it so raw and life like!
    Thanks once again Susan…for bringing such beautiful photos to enjoy!
    And good luck in your quest to find your own signature style 🙂 I’m sure quite a few of your photos would have already made it to the “photos I wish I had taken” lists of fellow photographers around the globe!


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