Cuba Through the Eyes of my Fellow Beholders


(L-R) Images by: Carrie McCarthy, Donna Kross, Lisa A. Cutler, John Kochowski

Like beauty, a destination, its emotional impact, significance and meaning, is in the eye of the beholder—colored by life experience, the world has many shades.

So far you’ve only seen Cuba through my eyes. I thought you might like to see how the other photographers who participated in Santa Fe Photographic Workshops’: Seeing Cuba: Discovering the Culture and People of Cuba, saw it.

I asked those who wanted to take part to send me a few photos they felt best represented their Cuban experience.

Take a look and please feel free to comment. I’m sure the photographers would love to hear your thoughts and be happy to answer any questions you might have.

(Click any picture to enlarge and begin a slideshow, or hover over an image to view the caption)

Photographer: Carrie McCarthy

Photographer: Leigh Webber

Photographer: Donna Kross

Photographer: Donna Aceto

Photographer: Pat Trotter

Photographer: Melissa Fricek


Here is this young man. At first glance asking me to consider a meal in his restaurant. I am shooing, it is the “golden hour” following rain. I take a second glance and realize he is really interested in sharing his dreams with me. The “American” dream, it seems. We speak. I am charmed, and instantly, I believe in this young man, and his dreams. This image and his story represented the hopes and dreams of many of the people in Cuba who now have more opportunities than before.

Photographer: Dianne DeLorenzo (A NYC vet)

 Photographer: Greg Annunziata

Photographer: John Kochanowski

Photographer: Lisa A. Cutler

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  1. Dear Susan, I was born in Cuba and came to the U.S. when I was five. I grew up in NY and I consider myself both a Cuban and a New Yorker. I’m deeply touched by your recount of your Cuban adventure. There’s so much of my country I don’t know, and can’t relate to. I hope to one day be able to travel there. I know that it will be an emotional and enlightening journey. Thank you for your beautiful pictures, and your beautiful words of my country and my people. Love your blog.


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