Photos I Wish I Had Taken

Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Alessandra Meniconzi

Photo: Alessandra Meniconzi

Photo: Alessandra Meniconzi

This isn’t your classic awesome photo: It’s blurry, you have reindeer butt in your face, you can’t see the man’s face, and you really have to look at it before it’s clear what you’re seeing.  But this photo by Alessandra Meniconzi has captured all these elements in a moment that works beautifully together to draw you in.

The perspective is what really grabs my attention. I love being behind the action as if I were in the sledge, instead of shooting the scene from a distance as a viewer and not a participant. In addition, she could have set her camera on a high shutter speed and frozen the action but she’d have lost the wonderful feeling of movement, and I think that’s the key to the success of this image. I also love the deep rich colors.

But lets see what a true professional thinks of this shot. I found this image while perusing the National Geographic “Your Shot” website – a fantastic place for inspiration – and this is what Paul Salopek, a Foreign Correspondent and National Geographic Fellow had to say.

Wonderful. I like the rush of motion against the still horizon. (I also like the incongruous black satchel.)….

For a little more background on this picture, here’s some more info from Allesandra.

Maxim, 34 years old, drive his sledge, pulled by reindeer, using a long stick called “khorei”. He told me that the animal need fresh pastures and is time to move.The harshness of the tundra has ensured reindeer herder nomads left to roam in freedom, migrating twice a year, for up to 1,000 kilometres in all. Following ancient routes from Siberian Arctic tundra pastures in summer, they head south to the more protected sub-Arctic taiga ready for winter. The winter temperature plunge even to -50°C.


What do you like (or not like) about this image?

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