New York

Rediscovering New York: Warm City Images on a Cold Winter’s Day

Flowers bloom garden in Central Park

One of the many gardens near Belvedere Castle
~Central Park

I’ve been meaning to get my home-bound tush out of the house for days now to photograph on the streets of New York City, but I’ve been a bit of a wuss. I know that others scoff at the cold as they grab their cameras, but, alas, not I. At least not for the time being. (Now put a polar bear or penguin in Times Square and you’ll have to race me there).

Yesterday was a bit warmer but then I had some client work to do. Timing is just not working with me on this front.

This sad realization inspired me to look at my archives and photos from some previous adventures in and around the City. Photos from days that were balmy and full of sun, and nights filled with people in the streets having a grand old time.

Or at the very least, days where I didn’t have to wear so many layers that I felt like I lived in Siberia.

If you’re a New Yorker, a tourist, or a wannabe visitor from afar, join me in my little walk down memory lane. You may find a place or two to visit in your future!

Youg man bikes along the Hudson River in New York City

Shooting next to the Hudson River, I cheeky smile from a biker on his way, who knows where.
~Riverside Park

Street musician plays the banjo in Washington Square Park

A familiar scene in Washington Square Park. A street musician sings for his supper

Young girl on the subay in New York City

I typically don’t shoot in the subway but there was something about the faraway look on this little girl’s face that grabbed my attention. What was she thinking?
~2 Train on the way to Times Square

Woman playing guitar playing bikini in Times Square

No evening in Times Square is complete without a “Naked” somebody.. I present.. Naked Cowgirl.
~Times Square

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  1. This was great! Being a former East Coaster, I always enjoyed a visit to the city. You’ve really captured some great images – the bicyclist, the pedicab, Times Square, Coney Island to name a few favorites!


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