Postcard: Portrait of a Baboon


He was sitting on the ground next to the road unimpressed by the large jeep of humans that rolled passed him. The other baboons in his troop scattered but his age and experience told him that we wouldn’t come any closer; that the loud noise and immense vehicle was no threat.

He was a big fellow. Huge. I’m not sure exactly, but when I mentally judged his size, I remember thinking that even though he was sitting down his head would easily reach my thigh.

I’ve always enjoyed watching baboons; you can see the intelligence in their eyes. So human-like in that regard.

You can’t see it in this photo but baboons have canines that would make a canine think twice and then run in the other direction. Fast.

I was hoping this one would yawn. It was warm and at the end of a long day and I thought it just might, but no such luck.

I’ve yet to capture a good baboon yawn with its terrifying fangs glistening in the sun for all to see. If I was really lucky, there would be a tiny droplet of saliva dangling at the end of a tooth.

I guess I’ll just have to go back and try again. 🙂

~Taken while on a Wild Eye Photographic Safari in Amboseli, Kenya







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  1. I love the intensity of that look. Their brow ridge always seems to shade their eyes so that you can’t see their eye color, as you can in your shot here.


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