Postcard: A Dose Of Adorable

Baby black-backed Jackels sitting on their den in the Mara Triangle, Kenya

It was just after sunrise and Morkel, one of our lead photographers who was riding with us that morning, suggested we visit a den of black-backed jackals to see if the pups were out. When we arrived the adults were nearby but the volcano shaped termite mound that was now their home stood barren. Within moments however we started to see the tips of their over-sized ears appear and then in an instant all the little pups were out and about.

It was obvious that the adults were used to human gawkers because after they did their obligatory lick and nuzzle greeting with the young ones and then walked away choosing to sit 15 feet away facing the den. They reminded me of stage parents who had summoned their children on cue and then sat back to watch us fawn over their young.

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      • Up here in Mauritania its not easy to take a good picture of a donkey!!
        Probably Kenya or Botswana, depends on when I’m off work in relation of what animals are likely to be seen in the areas.
        Any recommendations happily accepted.


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