The Lion In Our Backyard

Lion sits across the Mara River from the Dirisha camp in the Mara Triangle in KenyaTypically when you’re on a game drive you don’t expect to hear over the radio that one of the lions you’re looking for is sitting directly across the river from your camp, but one day that’s exactly what happened and we headed back home.

Susan Portnoy The Insatiable Traveler photo: Nancy Moon

Yours truly taking a photo of the furry hunk across the river. Photo: Nancy Moon


Our jeep was the last to make it back and when we arrived we found the rest of the guests seated along the bank of the Mara River, drinks in hand, cameras on tripods waiting for the lion across the way to move. He was very accommodating for the first few minutes, looking at us intently, curious about all the action only a couple hundred feet away, his safety secured by the water between us. But as most lions are want to do in the middle of the day, he went to sleep, only a tuft of his mane visible under the large bush above him.

While we waited we laughed and talked and took pictures of elephants and wildebeest that also made their way to the other side of the river.  And then it began to rain…


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