New York

Rediscovering New York: The Accordionist. A Portrait In Color And Black & White


#1. Classic black and white

A few days ago I was at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, watching little children lose their ever-loving minds over a Bubble Man’s humongous bubbles—If that sounds strange, I direct you to yesterday’s post.


#2. Lighter black and white

When I was finished, I walked through the tunnel under Terrace Drive and there I found an accordionist in the midst of playing the theme from The Godfather.  Stoically she rocked back and forth, her posture stiff and her eyes blank.


#3. Split-toning

She was vacant, there was no enjoyment, just a body going through the motions. For some reason her affect, the stones tiles and the soft light in the tunnel worked well together, something melancholy about it, and I tend to be drawn to melancholy.

She glanced at me and I raised my camera, silently asking her if I could take her picture.  With an almost imperceptible nod she said yes. And so I began….


#4. The original

I have a few images from that day but I posted this one because it’s the only photo where her mask of detachment seem to fade, but only for an instant.

On another note: I’ve been playing with conversions, I don’t feel as if I’ve mastered the monochrome thing yet, so when editing I find myself trying all kinds of different variations.

I’ve included some of the different results here plus the original color. It’s fascinating how changes in contrast and tone do so much to change the mood.

Which of the these do you prefer?




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