Postcard: The Beautiful Vulture

Vulture flies from one branch to another in Amboseli, Kenya

I find it fascinating that vultures are as ugly as their way of life.

As scavengers, they lie in wait for some predator to do the wet works and then swoop in and steal as much of the rotting flesh as they can before they’re chased away.  Isn’t it interesting that the beauty of a swan or some other attractive bird isn’t matched with a vulture’s behavior?

How apropos that they’re big, gangly, igor-esque creatures.  You know what I mean—right? If they were a human character in a film they wouldn’t be Brad Pitt in some leading man role, they’d be the hunchback sent out to do the deadly handiwork of some crazed villain.

Anyhoo… in the picture above I really love the curve of the flying vulture’s body in relation to the shape of the tree, not to mention the light feathers under his wings make him look less dark and sinister. All the colors work well together and I think the second vulture adds a nice balance to the overall composition.

Perhaps I exaggerated a teeny-weeny bit in the headline where I implied that I think he’s “beautiful” in this shot. I suppose he’s not really but it’s probably the nicest photo he’s ever taken.



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