Postcard: In Timbavati There Were Always Buffalo

Buffalo chews on a bush in Timbavati South Africa

In Timbavati, buffalo were everywhere. Apparently the dense foliage is right up there alley even though there is a heavy mix of acacia with spiky thorns two inches long—perhaps they use them as toothpicks.

If we didn’t find other animals we could always count on a herd of buffalo, grunting and farting, with a curiosity that pretty much guaranteed plenty of them would stop and stare.

The one above was curious but too hungry to stop chewing, which I quite liked, giving the image a feeling of movement.


When you come upon buffalo in a vehicle, their lumbering movements and calm demeanor belie an aggressive nature if they feel threatened. Thankfully, they’re used to jeeps and the people in them, but it’s not wise to approach them too closely on foot.  When buffalo charge, they charge, there’s rarely the courtesy of a warning.

Unfortunately, I know a number of humans who behave the same way….


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