Postcard: The Object of Her Affection


Deep within the high grass, in a shaded are under a large tree, Rockfig watched the carcass of the dead impala she’d killed the night before resting in the limbs above. It was funny actually, she watched it as if she thought it would move. As if she didn’t pay close attention, it might spring to life and run away.


What a beautiful creature she was…is. A momma too. We knew she had cubs somewhere in the area but they were too young to be with her when she killed and we knew she would return to them at some point. We didn’t wait to follow however, her mind was on the impala. She wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.




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    • It’s astounding the kind of power that leopards have in their jaws. The impala was a good 30 feet in the air and he wasn’t juvenile either. I would have loved watch her hoist that body up there. What a sight that would have been.

      I also love her eyes. There are blue-eyed leopards out there but hers was/is really aquamarine. Such captivating eyes. I wish I’d been able to get some better shots of her.


  1. Gorgeous cat! I love all wild and domestic cats. I think they are the most beautiful creatures on Earth. I have a male cat who has the prettiest green eyes. You don’t often see blue aquamarine eyes in wild cats.


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