Postcard: Rhinos….The Graceful Hulks Of The Timbavati

Rhino running in the Timbavati Gamer Reserve in South Africa

I’m always amazed at how the biggest bulkiest creatures tend to move with such ease and speed. This rhino was one of the last of seven to cross this dry river bed in the Timbavati Game Reserve. I think he was a bit nervous so far behind the others and began to run. He possessed incredible grace for a creature that is a throwback to the stone age.

I haven’t seen many rhino in my day and like most things in life, when you spend little time with something you find that most of your preconceptions are false. I thought rhinos would be lumbering bruisers—they’re not. I assumed they would be very aggressive—yet they’re shy and they squeak (yes, squeak). And I pictured them rather cool with each other but they’re almost cuddly. Almost.

I think that’s why I enjoy traveling so much. The education I’ve received on the road: the recognition of my own ignorance, my bias, my misconceptions, is humbling. Travel opens up a world of necessary self-reflection, and a universe of possibilities.


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