Postcard: The Odd Rhino Out

Rhinos in South Africa

Not sure what happened here. One minute they were all together and then…..this.

It was a bit sad really. All but one rhino engaged in a group hug of some sort.

Did he smell?

Was he a bore?

What were they all thinking?

He didn’t seem to care.  But I wonder if that was just for show?

Perhaps his rhino heart was breaking.

I’d prefer to think that’s not the case.

Some of them were squeaking….yes, that’s right, rhinos squeak. It’s odd. Big, husky creatures with horns that are just this side of prehistoric, and they squeak. I expected a deep-throated husky sound but, alas, it was not to be.

If I were a male rhino I’d be pissed, frankly. Hard to show your face among the other animals in the bush when you squeak.

Perhaps that’s why they’re so shy.


~Timbavati, South Africa





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