Postcard: Amboseli Elephants in Silhouette

Elephant silhouettes in Amboseli, Kenya

Amboseli National Park in Kenya is known for its many herds of elephant drawn to its swampy wetlands when the dry season kicks in, and so far its reputation is right on the mark.

We’ve had some incredible sightings this past day and a half, we’ve seen, in addition to the aforementioned pachyderms, lion, zebra, wildebeest, monkeys, both vervet and baboon (many of which are found within the hotel property—at my room’s doorstep in fact), giraffe, a slew of beautiful birds, hippo, the list goes on and on.

Since I have access to decent wi-fi I thought I would post a little silhouette action. (For those of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know I sure love my silhouettes.)

This scene is of a herd of elephants we viewed for nearly two hours today. As they gracefully took their leave of us, kicking up the dust as they went on their way towards the setting the sun, it was the perfect opportunity to capture this parting image.




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