Postcard: Machu Picchu Where My Passion For Photography Began


So much has happened since I took this picture at Machu Picchu nearly six years ago.

It was a great trip and an experience that led to some very important firsts: My first solo adventure and my first foray into photography—I was hiding behind my camera mainly; I felt awkward by myself. I had no idea that this little escapade would lead to a dedication to world travel and a passion for taking pictures that would only grow over the years.

It’s been a long time since I thought about Machu Picchu. At first I couldn’t find my photos, I had to hunt through a storage unit to find an old hard drive where a few pics remained. The search was a bit of a pain but I”m glad I took the time. Good memories here. I worked through a lot of apprehension and opened a door to an exciting part of my life that I never saw coming….


Yahoo! Travel asked me to write about this journey for a feature they’re calling #RealTravel. Stories from, you guessed it, real people. If you have a good travel story to tell tweet them your suggestion with the hashtag.

If you would like to read more about my little time in the Lost City, you can view it here.


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