Costa Rica

Costa Rica: 38 Photos That Will Inspire You To Visit The Rainforest

The thrill for me when I photograph nature and wildlife is that I always feel as if I am on a treasure hunt—I never know what might be around the next corner and I am rarely ever disappointed.

Three-toed Sloth plays peekaboo in Costa Rica

Peek-a-boo! I see you Ms. three-toed sloth. This typically difficult animal to spot was sitting in this tree for two days  100 feet from my bungalow

The rainforest in Costa Rica is one of my favorite destinations (I’ve gone twice in the last five years) because its thousands of species of plant life, monkeys and other mammals, spectacular birds and brightly colored frogs, not to mention a boat load of fascinating (yes, a little creepy too sometimes) insects and reptiles, make every day a new adventure. And more times than not it begins only steps from your bungalow.

Sunrise in Costa Rica from my Bungalow

Morning is my favorite time in Costa Rica taken from my balcony

Morning Glory

My favorite time is in the morning when everything is waking up. I’m not typically a morning person but when I know there are animals about I leap out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed before it’s light. It’s a wonderful time: the howler monkeys bellow, the sun begins to rise, and the forest comes alive with bird calls and beautiful shafts of light that filter down through the trees.

View from the rainforest in Costa Rica

On a blazing hot day, the rain forest in the morning is relatively cool. This view was from the many trails around my bungalow

Talented Climbers

Did you know that Iguana’s are excellent climbers? Somewhere in the back of my mind I vaguely knew but it wasn’t until Costa Rica that I saw just how adept they really are.

Monkeys, Monkeys and More Monkeys!

Monkeys are everywhere in Costa Rica and fascinating to watch. On any given day I saw  numerous spider, Capuchin (or white-faced), and howler monkeys, sometimes all at once! (Be careful though.. while incredibly cute, monkeys can be aggressive. Be sure to watch from a safe distance and they’ll leave you alone.)

2 White-faced monkeys in Costa Rica

The lesser known two-headed Capuchin

Howler monkey eats a leaf in Costa Rica

Casually sitting eating a leaf, this howler monkey looked to me as if it was knitting. I loved the way it hung on to branch with its tail to steady itself

Spider Monkey eats berries in Costa Rica
Only feet from my bungalow, this spider monkey was feasting on a bushel of berries so large 10 monkeys couldn’t finish it

Birds of Many Feathers

I was never particularly a “birder” until I went to Costa Rica. As plentiful as pigeons in New York City, the rainforest is home to some of the most beautiful birds I’ve every seen.

Oh the Bouquets You Could Make!

I didn’t take as many photos as I should have of all the beautiful flowers and foliage but here are just a few of the treats I found while hiking.

Red Hibiscus in Costa Rica

A lovely red hibiscus hanging from a tree


Don’t forget to look down

Between the birds and the monkeys it’s easy to stare at the treetops, but don’t forget to look down, there’s so much to see on rain forest floor.

Go on a Night Hike

Not for the faint of heart but incredibly cool, and a tad hair-raising if I am being honest, be sure to take a night hike through the rain forest if your hotel offers it. Yes, you may see lots of spiders and snakes, but don’t worry, they don’t want you and they won’t follow you home. It’s perfectly safe and an amazing experience. There are so many interesting nocturnal sights worth seeing.

Savor Special Moments

Sometimes the stars align and you get to see something really special… On my last trip, I was lucky enough to see two things!

Momma three-toes sloth in Costa Rica

Three-toed sloth from above leaned back at one point from her perch on the tree to reveal a tiny baby. It’s not the best photo because they were so far away, but if you look closely you can see its little head, and a little arm hugging its momma. So cute!

Rainbow in Costa Rica

A lovely rainbow peeks out from under storm clouds after a rain.

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  1. The pictures are breathtaking! They are professional quality. I’m not just saying that either. You really need to do this for a living.


  2. no wonder we liked Costa Rica so much.. another thing- nno army– they put the money that would be used to support an army into education!!


  3. I am happy to have chosen at runtime Costa Rica as one of its destinations. Costa Rica has a lot to offer its visitors, so I invite all those who want to live a beautiful natural adventure to come to Costa Rica, here we are waiting with open arms!!! 🙂


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