Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Morning Howler Monkeys Will Make Your Day

Howler Monkey in Costa Rica

A curious Howler monkey above my villa.

I was feeling Costa Rica when I work up this morning. I haven’t been there in a couple of years, but I absolutely love it.

Like Africa, wildlife is plentiful but the environment has a completely different vibe, it’s far more intimate with the rainforest hovering over you as if you’re living in a giant terrarium—well, actually you are kind of are living in a giant terrarium—but the excitement of daily discovery is just as potent.

Howler Monkey in Costa Rica

When the Howler monkey moved, I saw she was a momma!

I stayed in the south in the Osa Peninsula where there is a lot of first growth rain forest, meaning some of the oldest trees in the country. Monkeys of various species are abundant and easily spotted, and one of my favorite, the howler monkey, frequently appeared in the trees over my bungalow, especially in the wee hours of the morning to bellow—I love love love their howl!

It’s a powerful, resonant sound that makes you wonder if the creature above your head is the size of an elephant.

Each day I would leap out of bed before sunrise just so I could photograph my tree swinging neighbors, among many other animals and birds, when they were most active.

They never disappointed.



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