A Golden Elephant At Dawn (a.k.a The Morning I’d Rather Be Having)

The beauty of photography is that it transports you to another place and time – one that you’ve experienced or perhaps one that you would like to…

A beautiful elephant in golden light

I woke up this morning in New York City thinking about the sunrise… or more accurately, the lack thereof. Of course the sun is there, somewhere, but it’s grey and cloudy and the rain is drizzling just enough to be equally annoying and depressing.

I decided to post an image that reminded me of a morning I’d rather be having, one on the Masai Mara where it was warm and the air was fragrant.  A morning when, sandwiched between the yellow grass below and the smokey blue of the sky above, I found this elephant.  She stood, a muse for my camera, in that gentle curve, her mud-encrusted body reflecting the rising sun as if she were wearing golden armor.




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    • Hey Sarah! So nice to hear from you. If you give me a list of the animals he likes most I can pull some images for you to choose from. Will also help if you want in color (then give me the colors of the room too) or in black and white. xoxo

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