Postcard: The Rain’s Reveals An Otherworldly Masai Mara

A gold and blue Masai Mara

Ribbons of gold and blue wash the Masai Mara after a rain

When I miss Africa, what tugs at my heart are scenes like this – an ethereal vista that even in the moment you question whether it’s a dream.

Looking across the seemingly never-ending Masai Mara, the acacia looked like tiny models, not trees that would easily dwarf us . The wildebeests were only discernible as flesh and blood creatures because of their familiar inverted v-shape that they make when they’re grazing. The scene was a horizontal version of the perspective one gets when looking down at the world from an incredibly tall building.

And then there was the light. The miraculous light seen after a rain when the sun peeks through a dark, cloud-filled sky, illuminating the golden grass below, and in contrast, the haze takes on a purple-blue hue that is otherworldly.

For a view like this I would pray for rain everyday….




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      • Yeah, I’m a management consultant and last year got lucky to help an NGO in Nairobi figure out how to increase their impact.
        We took this old beat-up safari van on roadtrips to Kenya’s best parks. We got the resident discount, so 80% off most hotels and parks. Amazing experience all around. I loved Amboseli, Mara, the gorillas, boogie boarding the Nile, Lamu, everything is so beautiful.


      • It won’t let me reply to your question…
        Yes, it is fabulous! It’s my favorite park in Kenya. Such high density of wildlife, elephants, cats, zebras, giraffes, all with a backdrop of snow-capped Kilimanjaro. Just magical. The rainy season should be ending, so hopefully it is green and Kili is clear when you go. I can’t wait to see the pics you get with that telescope of a lens you got.


      • LOL… I hope to have it this trip.. I will have to rent again. No way I can justify spending 12K on that lens when I live most of my days in NYC. 🙂


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