14 Photos For Zebra Lovers

The most abundant species on the African plains, you can’t drive far into the bush without running into a zebra or two or twenty.  They’re beautiful, graphic, and the perfect muse for black and white photography – plus the babies are flat-out adorable.

For those, like me, who love zebras, these images are for you…

Laughing Zebra

I guess he thought I was funny looking

zebra fight for dominance in Tanzania

This scene took place near a watering hole that was 100 hundred yards from my tent in Tanzania

Three zebra in Kenya

Circling each other in a watering hole the stripes on these zebra made a wonderful pattern

zebra rolls in Tanzania

Ahhhh…. nothing like a good roll in the dirt first thing in the morning! Rolling scratches any itches while the dirt helps to keep a zebra cool and insects at bay

Zebra in Tanzania

There are three type of zebra: Burchelle’s or plains zebra found in East Africa; Grevy’s found in Northern Kenya, and Equus or mountain zebra found in southern and southwestern Africa

Zebra mother and foal in Kenya

When a female has a baby, she’ll keep the other members of the herd away for a few days until the foal recognizes her by sight, sound and smell.

Herd of zebra in Kenya

A small herd with one mega-pregnant female on the left. These Burchelle’s zebra have a 12-month gestation period

Zebra walk in single file across the Masai Mara

Zebra’s within a family have a hierarchical structure. The alpha mare will lead the others single file behind her

zebra nips the ear of its watering hole companion in Kenya

Zebra nips the ear of its watering hole companion in Kenya

zebra with bad teeth

Apparently this zebra needs a dentist

Three young zebra rest on the Masai Mara

Three young zebra resting on each other face in different directions to keep a lookout for predators

Three Zebra drinking water in Kenya

I always chuckle when I see zebra drinking. They get so close it looks as if they are literally trying to drink the same water.

A Zebra foal in Kenya

The stripe patterns on zebra are like our fingerprints – utterly unique

Three zebra together in Botswana

A zebra family will protect each other. If one is injured by a predator the others will surround it to block another attack


To view more photo collections

Zebra fun facts taken from the World Wildlife Fund website


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  1. I’m not even quite sure what to say because I am in such awe of these gorgeous photos of zebras! They are truly incredible! I absolutely adore zebras and always point out to people that the stripes go up through their manes. most people don’t notice this, but I’m sure you have since you’ve stared at them through your lens. Fabulous! Thank you so much for posting these on MMC!

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