Postcard: Ladies Be Thankful Your Man Isn’t An Anhinga

An Anhinga at the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge

A very eager anhinga

Ladies, no matter how bad your dates have been, be thankful they’re not like this anhinga. He’s loud, self-absorbed, and doesn’t mind drawing a crowd.

When he sets his eyes on the object of his affection, he loses it. Really. He becomes a giant spaz, flapping his wings frantically as if he’s trying to fly except he doesn’t go anywhere. The water hits the air as if he’s a mini depth charge, scattering other birds in every direction.

I’m told that female anhinga get turned on by males that beat up on water, and if true, this little devil has go to be the Brad Pitt of the species – smacking the surface with the power and flash of Fight Club.

Unfortunately for him, his Don Juan routine fell flat and he was left high and dry (figuratively speaking).

Ah well, maybe next time. Even Brad Pitt has his off days….


Side note: In keeping with yesterday’s theme, today’s image is another silhouette. It was taken at the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island at the beginning of the year. Besides making a considerable racket, I took a shot of this anhinga because I liked the contrast of his shadowed body against the blue water and the shine of the spray.








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