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Rediscovering New York: The Folk Singer That Stopped Me In My Tracks

Folk Singer in Washington Square Park in NYC #4Street musicians are a dime a dozen in New York City. Some are really talented, some, not so much. When you find someone who you like who braves the cold, or the heat, to sing for a mostly dismissive crowd, you gotta show a little respect.

So is the story with this pony-tailed folk singer (Update: One of my readers informed me this evening that my mystery folk singer is Morgan O’Kane) in Washington Square Park who played his banjo while playing a tambourine with one foot and working a drum lever with the other. I’d just finished participating in the Global March for Lions and was headed to the subway when I saw this guy under the park’s famous arch.

Folk Singer in Washington Square Park in NYC #2


If you’ve ever tried to pat our head with one hand while rubbing a circle on your stomach with the other, you know this kind of coordination ain’t easy. I would stop just for mastering that feat, but he was also a pretty good singer and photographically, he looked kind of fabulous. I loved his style and the fact that he retooled an old-style suitcase to act both as his drum and stool.


Ideally, his water bottle, coat and various other accoutrement wouldn’t have been in the shot, but I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to ask if I could move it all. Next time. Too bad I’m not a pro at Photoshop, I could take that messy stuff right out.

Oh well…

Here’s a brief video for your enjoyment.

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