A Berber Sunrise In The Sahara Desert

Camels and their Berber handler in the Sahara Desert

The sun rises on the Sahara and a young Berber man prepares his camels for the walk home

On a trip to Morocco a few years ago, we spent an afternoon and a night in the Sahara Desert. It was a whirlwind visit planned to make our group feel as if we’d been adopted by the Berbers. We slept in tents draped with rugs, rode camels, and ate a traditional Berber meal. It was awesome and way too short.

My hope is to return to the desert again someday. It’s wonderfully surreal, and while I’ve seen deserts my whole life: in movies, books, and on television, in person it was very different from what I expected.

The sheer size of it doesn’t translate on the screen, you think you know what it is, but  trust me, whatever you think it looks like can’t compare to the real deal. There’s nothing like seeing mountains of sand as far as the eye can see.

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