In Honor Of World Wildlife Day: The Moment I Knew I’d Never Get Enough Of Africa


This was the moment. The moment I knew I’d never get enough of Africa. I’d never get enough of the excitement, the peace, and the awe I felt every time I was out in the bush.

It was November, 2010 and I was beginning my first day on safari. My guide Chili and I were five minutes past the reserve gates in Tarangire and this small herd of elephants, as if on cue, broke through the trees on our left and walked in front of us. Five minutes!¬† I couldn’t believe that this amazing spectacle was my first sighting and we’d just begun our adventure.

Four years and 2 more trips¬†(Botswana and Kenya) later, I still get a rush when I’m in the bush, and I can’t wait to return.

In honor of World Wildlife Day, I post this image because it marks the beginning of my obsession with Africa and its spectacular wildlife, and my hopes that someday we’ll manage to find the solutions to the dangers that threaten them both.

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