Postcard: The Thrill of the “Get”


I’m somewhat obsessed with panning the subjects of my photography.

I love the quality of movement it gives a photo,  and frankly, it’s just darn fun to do. In many ways panning is a crap shoot and hence the thrill of the “get”, if you actually “get” something. It’s especially tricky if, like this great egret, your subject is moving quickly, you can waste a lot of energy and, in the end, not have anything to show for it.

I took this before sunset near the edge of a very shallow lake in Florida at the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge. He was marching about as if he was a marine on patrol, and because birds are so much more graceful when flying than when on the ground, it was quite an effort to follow his erratic and jerky movements.

Below are few other examples of my panning work:

Rediscovering New York: Forget The High Tech Toys, It’s All About Le Carrousel

A Girl And Her Plastic Horse

Panning Wildebeests

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