Postcard: Bonding With Children in Bhutan

Children in Paro, Bhutan

I was exploring Paro on the first full day of our trip in Bhutan. Our little group had split up for half an hour to run errands, buy memory cards and such. In the distance I spotted a small park in the narrow strip that made up this city nestled in a valley of the same name. The buildings were brightly colored, like crayons, with a Swiss chalet motif that at first seemed strangely out-of-place.

As I reached the park, these kids spotted me and, screaming and giggling as children do when they play, ran over to me in a jumble. They didn’t speak English and I certainly didn’t speak Bhutanese, but in moments like this language is rarely a problem.

It was clear that they had decided that a photo shoot was in order. They climbed a low wooden fence, and perched upon it, they made funny faces, big gestures, and cracked each other up in the process. I couldn’t have asked for better subjects.

It was dark and grey outside but their little faces were all the sunshine I needed.

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