Long Necks And Doe Eyes: 12 Photos For Giraffe Lovers

giraffe portrait Botswana

A giraffe’s sight is its keenest sense. Fun fact: A bull giraffe’s eyes can be as large as a golf ball.

Giraffe are equal parts beautiful and strange.

They’re such an odd package if you take the time to really look at them. They have absurdly long necks, they’re overly tall, their front legs are longer than their back, and they have two furry knobs on the top of their heads.

But somehow all those quirky pieces come together to make an exquisite creature with the grace and elegance of a dancer.


Giraffe walking in the Masa Mara

A giraffe’s markings are as unique as our fingerprints. This handsome bull was all by his lonesome walking across the Mara, making his way toward two other bulls near our jeep.


Baby giraffe

Rude awakening: A momma giraffe gives birth standing up dropping her baby nearly 5 feet to the ground. Ouch!


Three giraffe in Tanzania's Lake Manyara

A group of giraffe is called a tower. Very apropos don’t you think?


Female giraffe Botswana

A female giraffe has little tuffs of fur that top their ossicones. Translation: Those knobby things on the top of their head.


Giraffe sitting down

The down side to their height is that giraffes are not nimble creatures. It’s difficult for them to get up after sitting down if trouble is afoot. As a rule they will take turns resting while others are on constant lookout for predators.


Kiboko giraffe in Masai Mara

This handsome devil is Kiboko, named after our little camp on the edge of the Mara River. He was a bit of a fixture, never venturing close enough for us to see from our tents, but on quite a few occasions we’d see him just ahead of us on the road out of camp at sunrise.


Giraffe stares on the Masai Mara

Alert! Height certainly has its advantages. Meet the lookout of the bush. A staring giraffe can mean its captivated by a jeep full of people OR there’s a very big lion hiding in the high grass.


giraffe chewing cud in Botswana

Did you know that giraffes chew SKOAL? Just kidding. Giraffes chew cud: plants are chewed, regurgitated and then swallowed again. Yummy.


giraffe in silhouette at sunrise in Kenya

Kiboko (see # 7 photo above) beautifully silhouetted against the sunrise.


Giraffe running by tent in Kenya

In short spurts giraffe can run up to 35 mph. I shot this scene standing in front of my tent. The wildebeest herd was running towards a peninsula nearby preparing to cross the Mara River. I guess the giraffe felt he should run too.


Giraffe in silhouette at sunset

This is one of my favorite shots from Kenya. A giraffe against the darkening sky of the aptly named blue-hour: that special time just after sunset when the sky turns a beautiful deep blue.







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