Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Carole Deschuymere

Photo: Carole Deschuymere

Photo: Carole Deschuymere

A great photo to me is one that grabs my attention, and in the best cases, causes me to have some kind of visceral reaction. This shot of a baby elephant by Wildlife Photographer, Carole Deschuymere caused me to act like a blithering idiot—in a good way.

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“Move Aside Tiny Humans” Said The Bull Elephant

Large Bull elephant approaches our jeep in Tanzania

George Clooney elephant sauntering towards our jeep

Huge..that’s all I could think of as he came towards our jeep. He’s HUGE! 

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Rediscovering New York: A Glorious Manhattan Skyline

It’s embarrassing to admit that I’ve lived in New York for nearly two decades and yet there are scores of wonderful locations I have yet to visit—the sad result of my allowing a busy life to get in the way of living, and a pinch of laziness, I must admit. 

Manhattan skyline as seen from Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan skyline as seen from Brooklyn Bridge Park. The building with the glowing spire is the new World Trade Center. The streak of light on the water is a one of the many ferries that cross the East River

Saturdays have become a day of exploration for me, now that the weather is finally on the mend, and this last weekend I had one of my favorite discoveries to date, and I bet it will be one of your favorites too…

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Things I Love: Global Entry

customs line

Look familiar?

It was the end of 2012 and I had just landed after traveling 20+ hours from Asia. There were over 300 people that deplaned from my flight and in a fog we dragged ourselves down the long, overly bright hallways to customs. I was so tired I was almost in tears.

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The Belated Not So Bloody Blood Moon

The white blood moon in New York City

I know, I know, I missed the boat. The blood moon frenzy is over and I missed it. I got super busy and this image had been sitting in my camera since Monday night.

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Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Benjamin Lowy

Photos I Wish I Had Taken: Benjamin Lowy

Photos: Benjamin Lowy

Since I’ve been posting photos that I took in the City the last few days, I felt it would be apropos to choose a New York scene for my photo covet this week.

The image above was taken by photojournalist Benjamin Lowy. I found his feed on Instagram and loved his work so much that I traced him to Facebook and then to his website, and on and on.

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